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Once again the days have become shorter and the nights have grown darker; its time for a little dose of film vitamins. P÷FF hopes to take you through November and into snowy, wintry December glowing with health and happiness. As ever, P÷FF offers something for everyone - vitamins A, B, C and D along with the necessary minerals, too. So we ask you to join together and imbibe of the Black Nights' strength. Don't miss it - the rejuvinating dosage is only availbale this year from November 23 through December 8! Thankfully, the influence of P÷FF extends beyond the capital and our chemists have popped up in Tartu and Viljandi, too.
Our pharmacy shelves are loaded with the customary full-strength doses as well as animated versions, preparations made by sleepwalking students and jars of multivitamins for children and youth. Fresh, locally prepared natural health products are offered along with lots of international products.

The main feature film program offers you at home the best health products available in the past two years from other festivals, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Asia. The more exotic fruits are from Mauritius, Chile, Palestine and New Zealand and altogether pharmacists from 47 countries have sent us their mixtures.

Our curative program offers Fridrik Thor Fridriksson and, for the middle-aged, ozone and equine sport from the former Eastern block. Newer herbs from Russia have also arrived. The Sleepwalkers' Student Film Festival contributes some youthful get-up-and-go, offering freshly produced real-life, animated and feature vitamins from November 23-29 and adding a dash of minerals by way of first attempts by some of today's masters.

For a change, the animation festival "Animated Dreams offers a slice of cake in honor of the Nukufilm's 45th birthday and then resurfaces with Japanese treatments, new Estonian and Illuminated Film products and the best prescriptions from Dr. Elbert Tuganov.

The children's and youth festival "Just Film" gives a growing body exactly what it needs and invites all to the Nukuteater from November 23-29 where, through the aid of the Knobuss/Cineama Bus, participants can try some simple alchemy themselves.

There is no need to consult with your doctor before use!

In the name of good health,
Black Night Film Festival


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Directors Award Ron's Beautiful Mind

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